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It's Pronounced {Ohm-bruhs}

What are the frames made out of?

Premium Acetate.

Tell me about the cord.

Hand crafted poly-cotton blend, organically treated

And what about the lenses?

Gray or brown, premium polarized Zeiss polyamide lenses

Is the cord adjustable?

Heck yea it is!

Who plants the trees?!

Indigenous farmers in Nepal, Indonesia and Madagascar

Where are the 20 trees planted?

Madagascar, Indonesia and Nepal!

What if my adjustable knot system becomes difficult to adjust?

Loosen the knots!

Can I get the cord wet?

Frick yea!

Can I actually run my Ombraz over in my car?

Sure, but we can't guarantee your lenses or frames won't get scratched.

What happens if my lenses get scratched?

Order a new pair of lenses at!

How do I change my Ombraz lenses?

Warm them up with a hairdryer, pop 'em in.

Do you offer prescription lenses?

Not yet. We intend to.

What is the warranty like?

We've got you.

How do I get ahold of the company?

Email or Call us.