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Ombraz Shade Project

With each purchase of Ombraz Sunglasses, we are committed to planting 20 trees through our non-profit partner - Eden Reforestation Projects. Trees have unparalleled environmental benefits, but perhaps most importantly, trees sequester carbon in the atmosphere. We estimate over a 5 year period, 20 trees sequester nearly 3X the amount of carbon emitted to produce and deliver a pair of Ombraz to your doorstep, making Ombraz a tree-mendously carbon-negative product. 
In the first 35 days of our Indiegogo pre-sale, we committed to planting over 37,000 trees. Check out a short video about the Ombraz Shade Project below!


through our  partnership with Eden Reforestation Project, we plant 20 trees for every pair of Ombraz we sell!