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Ombraz Sticker Contest

Thanks for dropping in! We are a small start-up from Seattle making a big change to sunglasses. Everyone wears ‘em and everyone experiences the same frustrations - they fall off, break easily, and hurt the sides of your head. Yet, since they were invented over 250 years ago, the overall design hasn’t changed. We have solved the many problems everyone faces with their sunglasses.

Our frames attach directly to a minimalist, adjustable cord that keeps your sunnies securely and comfortably in place. We’ve improved durability, comfort and functionality without sacrificing personal style.

Ombraz are completely carbon negative. We plant 20 trees for every pair of sunglasses we sell. Certified by 1% for the planet, we sequester over 330x the carbon it takes to produce and deliver each pair.

We’re looking for a few new rad sticker designs. If you have a design, sketch, idea or even just an idea of an idea--we want to hear from you. We are looking for an off-the-wall, eye-catching sticker design that portrays the attitude of our brand: fun-loving, adventurous and daring. Stickers are everywhere, we want to have a sticker that stands out, catches the eye and makes people think ‘woah that’s cool’ or ‘wow, creative.’ Be belligerent, be bold, and BE UNIQUE. Whoever blows us away with their idea gets a free pair of Ombraz and $100 cash.