An Unexpected Difference

In March 2020, we received an incredible note, from a very special customer, who had discovered that Ombraz armless sunglasses solve a unique medical predicament he was struggling with.

When we set about developing Ombraz, we knew that the armless design solved many frustrating issues people experience with their sunglasses. We never imagined the life-changing impact a pair of armless sunglasses could have on someone in need. The note we received is included in this journal entry below. We're humbled by this note and incredibly thankful to Micah for sharing his story. We look forward to designing armless eyewear for him to utilize in the years to come!

'Ombraz Team,

Prescription glasses have been part of my life since childhood. I grew up having a mostly normal experience; I am farsighted and use my glasses for activities involving reading, studying, and my work as a quantitative scientist. In 2015, something unexpected happened: my glasses’ sidearms suddenly began to trigger excruciating pain at the point of contact above my ears. The pain progressively worsened over time and became an everyday struggle for me. I tried perhaps 15 different pairs of glasses, searching for the perfect pair that would not trigger the pain. Eventually, I reached the point where even minimal pressure from the sidearms of a lightweight pair of well-adjusted glasses triggered intense pain above and behind my ears. No available types of contact lenses or refractive surgery offered a solution due to my other eye pathologies. The pain from glasses started to impair not only my physical comfort, but also my ability to think clearly and perform at work, where I spend my days at a computer.

In November 2019, while on a moderate dose of a nerve pain medication, I was no longer able to tolerate keeping on the best pair of glasses that I owned and was forced to take time off work for the first time. I embarked on an intense search for a medical diagnosis, saw various specialists, and underwent a variety of tests.

After several weeks off work, with no clear path forward, my wife searched for “glasses without temples” and came across the Ombraz sunglasses. I visited an REI store to test them out. They were well-designed, surprisingly stable on my nose, and the cord seemed to bring relief from the nerve pain. My initial skepticism turned to optimism, and I ordered a pair for myself.

It’s been several months of daily wear, and I can safely say: Ombraz glasses have changed my life. My family of four went from considering disability options to stabilizing our family life by resuming our daily work and routines. Ombraz glasses are a world-class product comparable to $600 frames that I have worn in terms of design, comfort, and balance. Because they have no nose pads or sidearms that can become misaligned, the vision stability that they provide is incomparable. They are much more than sunglasses; in my case, they provide a practical solution to my chronic nerve pain and other complex optical needs. I’m indebted to Jensen and Nikolai for their thoughtfulness, courage, and persistence in making this highly innovative product.