They solve problems

Traditional sunglasses break, fall off, slip down your nose, & pinch your temples - stemming from the sidearms, screws & hinges. We got rid of them. We’re surprised no one has done it before - it’s a minimalist design shift that makes sense. People tend to be skeptical, until they try them - then they fall in love.

How do Armless Sunglasses Work?

Our Japanese nylon cord wraps gently around your head, above the ears, and under your hair, keeping the frames comfortably & securely in place. 

How To Wear: Place the frames on your nose, guide the cord over your ears, and with both hands, adjust the sliders to take out the slack. Keep it relaxed and avoid over-tightening.

Unrivaled comfort

Ombraz don’t squeeze your head or tenderize your ears like regular sunglasses. The cord fits comfortably under hats, helmets & headsets - you’ll forget they’re on.

Man and woman smiling in the sun next to a car carrying surfboards wearing Ombraz armless strap sunglasses

Unmatched durability

With scratch-resistant lenses and no sidearms to break or bend, you can toss your Ombraz in a bag or pocket worry-free.

ombraz armless sunglasses get stomped on by a heavy danner boot, redwing boots. Blonde handsome man

Easy To Store

They stay put, whether that’s on your face, around your neck, or tucked in your back pocket.

Award-winning design

Since launching in 2018, Ombraz have won Backpacker Magazine Gear Editors’ Choice Award 2019, USA Today’s Best Gear of 2020, Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year 2021, Popular Mechanic's Gear of the Year 2022, Men's Health Best Outdoor Gear 2022, Gear Junkie’s Best Sunglasses of the Year 2023, and Wirecutter Sunglasses of the Year 2022 and 2023.

Net-Benefit Impact

We plant 20 mangrove trees for every pair of Ombraz sold. Mangroves sequester more carbon than any other tree in the world. This initiative removes 1,384X more carbon than is emitted to produce & deliver each pair - making Ombraz the most carbon-negative product in the world.

Mangrove trees restoring the coastline

Why $160

World-class materials, a lifetime warranty, and an indestructible design make Ombraz the last sunglasses you’ll buy. Our polarized, polyamide optics outperform Oakley & Smith. With free exchanges & returns there’s no reason not to try these.

Plus, you’re supporting a small, grassroots company creating the most practical pair of sunglasses ever. We’re here to ensure this is the best eyewear investment you’ve ever made.