How To Wear





The magic of armless sunglasses depends on how you wear them. First-timers tend to wear Ombraz way too tight - like goggles - which is not comfortable and definitely not necessary - they stay perfectly in place without needing them cranked tight.

Start with the cord loosened up. If you have long hair, start with the Ombraz around your neck, under your hair.

The cord should wrap gently around your head, above your ears, and under your hair.

Place the frames on your nose, guide the cord over your ears, and with both hands, adjust the sliders to take out the slack. Keep it relaxed and avoid over-tightening. You should be able to pull the frames about ¾” away from your face before the cord pulls tight.

If they feel tight, you’re not wearing them right. Play witht the placement of the frame on your nose to find your sweet spot.

If you find yourself in a scenario where you’re worried about your Ombraz falling off, then you can cinch them up a little bit.

How to Adjust the Cord

How to Wear with Long Hair

If you have long hair, start with the frames around your neck under your hair.

Place the frames on the bridge of your nose , guide the cord over your ears and adjust just enough to take out the slack.

How to Wear With a Hat

How to Wear With a Helmet

Toss your Ombraz on around your neck

Put your helmet on and buckle it
Guide your Ombraz on, over the helmet straps.

This allows you to take your Ombraz on and off without interfering with the straps.

How to store

Store the cord and adjusters outside your neoprene case

How to Attach Side Shields

Look for the L and R on each shield. L goes on the Left side of the frame. R goes on the right

Pull the cord loop open

Afffix the shield to the frame and guide the t-bar through the loop

Pull the cord loop tight to lock shield in place

Insert the nose plug into the frame from back to front