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Best sunglasses for mountain activities and sports
The adjustable cord offers a comfortable fit and keeps them securely in place when you’re scrambling up a dune or scaling a rock face.
ombraz sunglasses featured in geekwire for innovative design and sustainable mission
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unique style, durability and environmental friendliness.
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We were blown away by the unusual design of the Ombraz Sunnies, handcrafted shades that lack regular arms but rather a cord that wraps around your head--while turning others--to drastically reduce the chance of them falling off and breaking. They also sport high-end Zeiss lenses, and, for ever pair sold 20 trees are planted.
Quotes from publications:
‘Ombraz Prove That Armless Sunglasses are the Future.’ - Outside Magazine
‘More comfortable and durable than “normal” sunglasses.’ - Backpacker Magazine
‘They're nearly indestructible.’ - Outside Magazine
‘Armless Sunglasses Are an Unexpectedly-Awesome Idea.’ - Gear Patrol
‘The perfect fit.” - Gear Patrol
‘Once they’re on, you forget that you’re wearing them. They just work.’ - Gear Patrol
‘Two, big thumbs up to these new sunnies.’ - Freeskier Magazine
‘Unique style, durability and environmental friendliness.’ - Freeskier Magazine
‘Rest assured, they’ll stand up to your abuse.’ - The Inertia
‘A fundamental design shift that makes sense.’ - The Inertia”
‘Impressive travel sunglasses that are flat and can easily store in a pocket.’ - The Inertia
‘They sat snuggly on my face and didn’t look different from typical sunglasses.’ - Gear Junkie
‘They pack down wonderfully.’ - Gear Junkie
‘A perfect fit... Almost feels like nothing is there.’ - Chris Burkard
‘These sunglasses have found a permanent spot in my bag.’ - Chris Burkard
‘More comfortable & durable than “normal” sunglasses’ -Backpacker Magazine
‘Consistently impressed with the utility & practicality of these sunglasses’ -Gear Junkie
‘Ombraz offer a sense of freedom not typically associated with sunnies’ -Outside Magazine
‘No sidearms. No problems.’ - Outside Magazine
‘Armless Sunglasses Are an Unexpectedly-Awesome Idea’ -Gear Patrol
‘I have no fear of breaking them.’ -Gear Patrol
‘To our surprise the cord doesn’t look weird either.’ -Gear Patrol
‘Ombraz are—without competition—the best pair of shades I’ve worn’ - Climbing Magazine
‘For those of you thinking that will look weird, it doesn't.’ -The Outbound
‘We’re pleased to report Ombraz sit more snugly on your face than other sunglasses.’ -Freeskier Magazine
‘Surprisingly awesome.’ - Gear Junkie
‘They pack down wonderfully.’ -Gear Junkie
‘I can put them in my pocket or sit on them without worrying.’ - Gear Patrol
‘Perfectly still on your face.’ -Rock and Ice
The frames sit comfortably on the nose,
‘Rest assured, they’ll stand up to your abuse.’ -Freeskier
‘hardy, great travel sunglasses.’ - The Inertia
‘Ombraz quickly became my favorite travel accessory.’ -Ross Thompson
‘Ombraz are bulletproof..these are rad.’ -The Inertia